Pure Turkey


A lifelong resident of Virginia, Freddy McGuire started hunting turkeys when he was 12 and has been addicted since he called in his first turkey two years later. McGuire, a longtime member of several pro staffs and owner of VATurkey.com, has since killed turkeys in more than 10 states and completed two Grand Slams.

Though he travels far and wide to hunt, his favorite days afield are those he shares with his wife, Amy, and their daughter, Abby. Let's take a look back to past years and past hunts with Freddy. There are plenty of wonderful experiences with family and friends...and of course, all those big gobblers!

Join us as we take you on 25 turkey hunts from six states. We titled this DVD "Pure Turkey" since there's not a lot of talking - just a lot of turkey. We think you'll find the footage entertaining and educational. From the hardwoods of the East, to the wide open Midwest, to the palmettos of the South, it's simply "Pure Turkey."

Click here to see one of the hunts (opens low resolution version)


Quantities are dwindling and we are hoping to get Pure Turkey II out within the next year!  Get the original Pure Turkey video now before supplies are gone!  Check back for information on Pure Turkey II.


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