Pure Turkey


Due to many circumstanaces I do not have many calls available for this year.  I do have some of each, in large tape, but limited quantities.  Email me at freddym@vaturkey.com to check on availability or additional options.  

  • Curtain Call - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    Curtain Call
    This a 3.5 reed call using .002 prophylactic with a split V cut. This call has a medium raspy sound and produces very realistic yelps, clucks, and purrs.
  • Green Reaper - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    Green Reaper
    This is a 2 reed call with a latex bottom reed and a prophylactic top reed with a V cut/Half moon hybrid cut. This call is easy to blow but can produce a wide variety of sounds.
  • Hentastic - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    This is a 3.5 reed call using .003 latex plus an extra deep split V cut that combines to create a very raspy sound. This call produces excellent cutts, cackles, and flydown cackles.
  • Last Call - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    Last Call
    This call uses 3 reeds of .003 latex with a deep half moon cut. This call will do it all. With a little practice using it, you can tree yelp, yelp, lost yelp, cluck, cackle, flydown cackle, purr, and cutt.
  • Nasty Raspy - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    Nasty Raspy
    This is a 3 reed call that uses 2 reeds of .003 prophylactic under a single latex reed with a deep bat cut. This call will do it all and give you that nasty raspyness!
  • Ol' Three Toes - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    Ol Three Toes
    This is a 2 reed call that uses 1 reed of .003 prophylactic under 1 latex reed with a deep bat cut. This is a great all around call that the turkeys can't resist!
  • Squawkin' Hen - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    Squawkin Hen
    This is a call with 4 reeds of .004 latex utilizing a deep split V cut. It takes a little more air to move this call but it is a great locator call and will produce loud yelps, cutts, etc.
  • Yellow Yelper - $5.00 (Limited Quantities)
    Yellow Yelper
    This is a call with 3 reeds of .0025 low perm latex material and a competition V cut.  Great all around call with a lot of range.